Pumpkin Spice Pet Shampoo : Such Perfection It’s Scary..

Pumpkin Spice Shampoo! It is running out because everyone is buying it all! Get it while it is still in stock because after all, Pumpkin Spice Pet Shampoo by Showseason® is LIMITED. Packed full of pumpkin scent and so perfect, it’s scary.. If you don’t think it is enough pumpkin spice scent check out the cologne by Bath & Brush Therapies® which is the perfect match! You can put as little or as much of this stuff on your doggie as you want.

Due to the limited supply of Pumpkin Spice Pet Shampoo, we have started creating more but it won’t be bottled and ready until the middle of November so order now while you still can. Supplies won’t last long!

Want your house smelling exactly like this wonderful stuff? Check out our Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil! Spot on and takes only 1-2 drops to fill your house with a slight perfect pumpkin spice aroma. Want it to be stonger? Go ahead and put JUST 2 more drops. It will go a long way!

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