“Puppy Safe” Pumpkin Spice Pet Shampoo

Worried about which shampoo is right for your puppy pal? Look no further because you have found one of the best shampoos every created on earth!
The legendary Pumpkin Spice Pet Shampoo by Showseason® is packed full of pumpkin power while being perfectly safe for your puppy dog! Deep cleaning action for potty stains and excellent lathering give you the power to clean your puppy without upsetting the skin! Built-in conditioning agents will also leave the fur shiny and ready for long nights of snuggles.

Pumpkin Spice scent can be addictive and perfect for guests so if you need a touch up for potty accidents look into Pumpkin Spice Cologne. Bath and Brush Therapies® Pumpkin Spice cologne is the perfect match! After cleaning accident areas with a damp towel, simply spray a few squirts of on the cleaned up areas.

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